While looking to the future but tied to our origins, we celebrate this milestone by grouping our yarns into nine families that represent an equal number of worlds focused on merino wool

To highlight its quality and uniqueness, we have chosen to call it “Collection Box”, departing from the traditional divisions between “Luxury”, “Classic” and “Performance”: the 2021/22 A/W collection is innovative, not only in terms of the name, but also in the presentation. The yarns which are part of the company’s history, together with the newer and more innovative ones resulting from the research that characterises them, have been grouped into nine families which highlight the different worlds of merino wool. The individual data sheets for “The Harmony and Free”, “The Greens”, “Just Felted”, “The 4.0 Area”, “The Ultra Wool”, “The Bulky Wool”, “So Comfy”, “The Fancy” and “The Blends” grouped in a sustainable box, made from wholly recycled cardboard, underscoring our ongoing focus on the environment, become the expression of the principles in which we believe:




-Italian style

– attention to detail.

For us, a yarn collection is much more than a single product

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