A series of certifications authenticates how much the welfare of people and animals and the respect for the environment are a priority for our company

We have profound ties with the area in which we operate and are committed to maintaining a constant balance between production performances and respect for the environment. Our production process makes use of cutting-edge technology in terms of machinery, certified with the Green Label, and processes which do not make use of harmful substances and guarantee a safe and comfortable workplace for our staff. A focus which is also guaranteed by a series of environmentally-friendly certifications among the most important in the textile industry. With Oeko-Tex, we guarantee the absence from our textiles of substances that are harmful to individuals and the environment, taking into account the globalisation and highly fragmentary nature of the textile supply chain, with RWS, we are committed to ensuring the welfare of our sheep and their habitat, while with Organica Precious Fiber, we certify that our garments are produced with natural fibres in full respect of the animals and their habitat. Because sustainability is a way of life for us.

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