PhotoActive® Tex, thanks to its components, denatures the lipid membrane of bacteria and pathogens, including Covid-19. Used on textile products, it maintains its virucidal power for 30 washes

Eliminating viruses, bacteria, and all other corpuscles in the air: this is the goal of PhotoActive® Tex, produced by Biomedical Pharma, a business branch of Power Metal Italia, which has the exclusive distribution right worldwide for the application on textile products, and in Europe and the Americas for all other applications. It only takes a few minutes from its application to eradicate 99.9% of the microorganisms it comes into contact with, and, if used on textile products with natural or synthetic fibres, its effects remain up to 30 washes in the washing machine at high temperature. Its effectiveness is based on a photocatalytic reaction, generated by titanium dioxide, which denatures, through nanoparticles, the lipid membrane of bacteria and germs. The tests carried out by the company to verify the virucidal power of the product, born from research conducted by chemist Luigi Gravelli, confirmed its value for eradicating both influenza viruses of the H1N1 strain and the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. ‘The use on textile materials,’ explained Omar Alessandrini, sole director of Power Metal Italia, in a recent interview with a magazine of the yarn and fabric sector, ‘is what seemed most natural to us, both because we operate in Prato and because clothes and masks are the first shields that come between us and the virus. For textile treatments we have a particular service in mind that allows the product to be applied directly in our company. We are working with textile machinery companies from Prato to have a misting system dedicated to this operation in our spaces.’


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