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An articulated selection of the shades that have defined the seasons of the last 10 years compose a unique ‘archive’ that summarizes in 4 books the nuances generated by the company’s study and research. A parade of colours with a strong emotional imprint and a valuable service for its customers in search of inspiration and new ideas.

The attention to colour and the vocation for seeking ever-new hues have paved the way, and Tollegno 1900 follows it by creating a new service for its customers, which also tells a lot about its history.

From the attention that the company has always reserved for the world of colours comes ‘The Colour Archive’, which, divided into 4 books, presents a selection of the shades developed by Tollegno 1900 in the last decade as a corollary to the palettes specially designed for the collections. An alphabet of shades that outlines a unique rainbow, capable of also narrating the evolutions undergone by fashion over the years: from the era of the basic to that of neon, passing through pastels and natural tones, ‘The Color Archive’ of Tollegno 1900 is a symbolic journey through time and an itinerary through the emotions that colours – like music and words – know how to evoke.

Made available to customers directly in the company spaces, the books of the Archive become not only historical memory, but also inspiration for developing new trends, for rereading the past to project into the future, for creating new visions.

‘The Color Archive,’ said Tollegno 1900, ‘is the result of meticulous work that we have carried out with a clear goal: to tell the story and evolutions of our company also through the colours that over the years we have designed, created, researched. A sum of inspirations and creativity that, together with wool, the versatile yarn par excellence, becomes a representation of our feelings and actions.’

The feelings evoked by seeing the passing, colour after colour, of the various seasons that have marked the last decade of Tollegno 1900 go hand in hand with the functionality of having created a complete colour bank. ‘An additional service for our customers who will thus have at their disposal an even richer and more varied range of choices. An added value that, in the medium term, we also plan to provide in digitized form to be even more effective.’


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