The partnership among the two brands goes on

“As Shima Seiki Italia we are thrilled to have had a partner like Tollegno1900 in the realization of some projects that we presented at Pitti Filati #95. For us, yarn is the key aspect with which we can experiment on our technologies and we have been interfacing with Tollegno1900 for years to develop ever new initiatives. I can say that, even on this last occasion, the company has walked alongside us, supporting us with enthusiasm, and it is an honor as well as a pleasure for us to know that we have a partner like this”. This is how Davide Barbieri, CEO of Shima Seiki Italia, commented on the collaboration developed with Tollegno 1900 on the occasion of the Florentine fair. During the event, in fact, the Shima Seiki Italia staff wore a uniform made in Harmony 4.0 2/48 using the SWG application of the Tollegno 1900 logo”. In addition to the team’s outfits, the iconic yarn of the Biella company in 2/30 gauge and Marino-Ivrea color was also used for the “sailors’ faces” men’s sweater. “This garment, whose central part was worked in needle waste while the sleeves are in pure fineness, literally took shape thanks to the MACH2 173X fin machine. 8″. Finally, during the Fair, the latest generation SWG-XR fin device created a neck warmer composed of Harmony 4.0 Eco 2/48 yarn in the colors Beige, Grey, White, Paper mel and Snow. 18. “For several seasons we have been alongside Shima Seiki Italia – they comment from Tollegno 1900 – and every project we give life to manages to be the perfect synthesis between technology and innovation, between style and quality of the final product”.

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