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From the interweaving of willow, unique works are born which, in addition to giving a touch of originality to the interior design, find their natural place … in nature.

The project born in 2000 from Anna Patrucco’s passion for the world of willows could have only be called “Salix”. A love at first sight that is the result of an occasional encounter, but full of emotion. This is the story told by the creative of the willow weaving who, on the occasion of Pitti Filati 94, with some of her creations, was able to interpret the “nature” spirit of Tollegno1900. A brand she feels close to for “the careful research of the quality of materials and the sensitivity for nature”. From this contamination come to life unique works that tell a lot about the spirit of their creator, Biella by origin, but cosmopolitan by vision.

Your creations are born from the craftsmanship of art weaving. How did this passion come about?

Let’s face it : before the passion for weaving, it was born the passion for willows,  matured during an “adventure” in England almost 25 years ago. On that occasion  I came across a field of willows. A lightning bolt or perhaps a real love at first sight from which arose, immediately after, the need initially to cultivate them and, subsequently, the desire to use the tree branches for weaving. A technique that has allowed me to create structures and furnishing accessories suitable for gardens of great beauty. Starting from these premises, Salix gradually took shape, a small town where I grow and experiment with willows as a weaving material.

Willow that becomes raw material to create works suspended between art and design. What took  you to use it as the main interpreter of your creativity? 

One of its intrinsic characteristics that makes it the weaving material for excellence: the flexibility. Each work begins with the selection of the branches, because one is not as good as the other. While the thin and regular ones are perfect for creating dense weaves, the thicker ones, on the other hand, lend themselves perfectly to creating “loose” (random) weaves. The different colours allow you to create melanges of natural colours as if they were fabrics.

It is the play of colours and their different “textures” that lend themselves to multiple realizations. Which are the products in which the willow weave finds its best expression ?

Customers passion as well as the close collaboration with landscape architects leaded Salix’s production to grow and diversify over the years: today my creations range from furnishing to more functional structures such as, panels and curbs.

Unique in terms of style and craftsmanship. Among all your realizations is there one that you are particularly proud of?

Every project is a source of great satisfaction for me. Among the different works, if I must chose, I opt for the realization of a live willow chapel complete with naves.  Seeing it take shape was a challenge, but above all a wonderful experience. Just as I remember with pleasure and pride the collaboration with Cassina for a couch designed by Philippe Starck.

Although the projects you have already shaped are really varied and many, is there one that you have not yet experimented with and with which you would like to confront?

I don’t have a particular wish, but only because there are always many ideas. Often these are real suggestions that are born and take shape simply by observing the nature that surrounds me. The inspiration is all there.



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