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Sustainability, traceability, quality, and promotion of Italian craftmanship in knitwear are the fundamentals of a project that from the Piedmontese city addresses to the world. To tell it is its founder.

They are young, proactive, committed and with very clear ideas about their future and the projects they want to give space to. Artknits Sudios is the first and was born with a well-defined intent: to create a connection between the best Italian manufacturers and final customers from all over the world, giving space to a short and controlled supply chain where quality and sustainability meet to create fewer products, but made in the best way. A valuable goal to which Alessandro Lovisetto (Founder & Ceo) Monica Servo (Customer & E-commerce Specialist), Andrea Meloni (Digital Specialist), Sara Cattaneo (Marketing Specialist), Anna Castellazzo and Elena Zanone (Product & Design Expert), all supporters of the “Buy Less, Buy Better” principle. The backstage is told by Alessandro, spokesperson for a strongly cohesive team.

Where does Artknit Stusios want to go?

Our goal is to make quality and sustainability accessible to all, working only with high quality 100% natural raw materials and Italian producers, bypassing the intermediaries of traditional channels. In this way we offer final customers a product with a low impact on the environment and without traditional markups, but with the same quality as a luxury brand.

What differentiates you from other national and international competitors?  

Surely our verticality on knitwear and our DNA centered on the themes of sustainability and transparency. Last, but not least, the possibility of accessing products of the highest quality at an affordable price thanks to a short supply chain and without intermediaries.

In this project we read a lot about the territory in which it develops….  

Biella, also known as “the valley of Italian wool”, is the beating heart of our project because over 90% of our raw materials come from this town. Our strategic presence in the area has allowed us privileged access to the best manufactures and, with great pride, we often tell our community the essential values of the district, which represents our primary source of sustainability for its natural materials and supply at zero km.

Who married your idea by becoming a partner?  

We travelled around Italy to meet all our artisans and it was a wonderful experience. We selected them based on their specialty, their ability to listen to us and their value alignment. Now 15 families of artisans collaborate with us, each with their own family-run workshop, with a lot of passion for work and a great desire to get back into the game.

 And how did you find your way with yarns?

For the supply of yarns, the aspects that we have considered most are their quality and durability, in addition to the importance given by the company to sustainability. We prefer to work with few partners to strengthen the relationship and create strategic partnerships and common benefits. We chose Tollegno 1900 not only for its historical connection with our hometown, but also for the high-quality standards recognized globally and the strong attention to the respect to the environment and the animals, starting from the raw material up to the finished product.

What does being sustainable concretely mean for Artknit Studios?

We have 3 directions that guide our sustainability strategy: “Planet”, which aims to create the best product with the lowest possible environmental impact,  “Makers” whose goal is to give light and protect Italian manufacturers by helping them in evolution and generational change necessary to preserve one of the most important assets of our country and “Community”. This includes the desire to be able to raise awareness in our community on social and environmental issues and educate consumers to make a more conscious purchase with our “Buy less, buy better “philosophy.

Another focus is traceability: why is it an essential element today?

We believe that the final buyer needs information to make their conscious choices and traceability is the only way to enable him to choose with conscience.

Post pandemic: have market demands changed?

What we can say with certainty is that the market is in turmoil thanks to a change in trend towards a more balanced, less hectic, and more sustainable lifestyle, which has therefore led to a change in preferences also in the way of dressing. We have gone from more formal choices such as suits and shirts, to more comfortable solutions in jersey and knitwear.  More specifically our customer looks for high quality products that do not follow the trends, products with natural fibres, with soft touch and a simple but contemporary design, that can make them feel elegant and comfortable on every occasion.

Future: in which direction is the world of knitwear moving?

In our opinion, there will be more and more a merger between online and offline. Online has grown double-digit in the last 24 months and will continue to do so, while we believe that offline will increasingly play a secondary role and will act as a support to create unique and innovative shopping experiences, at the expense of a pure sales function.  We also imagine that consumers will have a more conscious lifestyle. After the boom of fast-fashion and the Amazon era of “everything and now”, as in any cycle, the consumer will need to slow down and return to old habits, in which he bought locally and at more sustainable prices products that have a story to tell and are bearers of values that represent them.

Are you working on new projects and/or collaborations?

We have many projects in the pipeline for the future, all aimed at consolidating our commitments made in recent months. More important projects involve the enhancement of the supply chain through a blockchain technology and the opening of physical stores, but also much more… follow us on our channels for future updates



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