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A network of companies in the textile supply chain have developed a project in the name of innovation, research and sustainability. It owes its name (and its logo) to a Contest

The pool of Biella companies that have joined in Magnolab has a clear goal:to collaborate in a structured way to develop innovation, research and projects related to sustainability and circular economy. The project, officially born in 2022, sees Marchi & Fildi SpA, Filidea Srl, Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 Srl, Maglificio Maggia Srl, De Martini Bayart & Textifibra SpA (DBT Fiber) and Di.Vè Spa working together to create a network of pilot plants for textiles, functional to develop innovative products and processes according to a lean management model. In practice, the network of plants, which represents the main links in the textile supply chain – sorting in the prototype phase of discarded garments, fiber preparation, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and digital printing – will allow not only to carry out prototyping activities to be presented to customers, but also to develop product and process solutions to be transferred to partner plants to proceed to scale production.

However, the opportunities promoted by the partnership between the Biellese players are even further. “Thanks to the interaction between training and companies – explain from Magnolab – the project can also open up to the world of school, proposing itself as a perfect synthesis of teaching, research, development and production. It also can give students the opportunity to actively experience different projects and enter into relations with the external market”.

The founding companies of Magnolab, with physical headquarters in Magnonevolo (Biella) in a plant of 17,500 square meters (in the first phase will be used 4000 square meters) operational from the first months of 2023, have very clear ideas on the development steps. This is confirmed by their strategic plan, which envisaged a total initial investment of 10 million euros for the purchase of cutting-edge machinery and the creation of a prototype scale system of circular economy which, starting from discarded garments and subsequently processed in fractions textiles, makes it possible to obtain fibers and yarns to be transformed back into fabrics. Due to its innovative characteristics and the model of collaboration between the different realities, Magnolab has all the characteristics to apply as a unique reality in Europe for research, growth of skills and human resources.

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