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A delegation from Biella was also in Brussels for the go live of the project aimed at changing the way fabric recycling is managed

A delegation from Biella was also present at the launch of the RegioGreenTex- Regions for Green Textiles project in Brussels, including Pier Ettore Pellerey and Paola Fontana, president and head of the Research and Development Services Division of the cluster managed by Città Studi. A clear sign of the increasingly strong interest that universities and companies show in the sustainability, reuse and regeneration of yarns and fabrics. The RegioGreenTex initiative, which includes 43 partners from 11 European regions, goes precisely in this direction, aiming to map and reduce the difficulties currently existing in the implementation of a circular economy model within the textile ecosystem in the EU. But further are its objectives: to support tangible solutions to make textile waste elements of value; maintain and develop jobs in the EU textile sector; reorient production in Europe by making the EU textile value chain more competitive and resilient; contribute to the EU Green Deal objectives of limiting the carbon footprint and the consumption of energy and water. The project, whose leadership is entrusted to Euratex, also promotes the development of 5 ReHubs in some of the most important textile regions of the EU.

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