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After promoting a study among the associates to evaluate the approach to sustainability, the Consorzio Promozione Filati proposes 3 projects to encourage an increasingly eco-friendly modus operandi.

To get an overview of the status of its consortium members in terms of sustainability, the Consorzio Promozione Filati-CPF has entrusted Process Factory (a consultancy company specialized in offering integrated solutions for development to brands and supply chains) with the implementation of the 4sustainability® 2021 Assessment. The evaluation, which took into consideration 6 emblematic parameters – Materials, Trace, Recycle, People, Chem and Planet – led to encouraging results: most of the associates appear to have structured procedures to monitor the quality of the raw material and the product. also finished in relation to chemical compliance; having obtained product certifications with the aim of replacing raw materials with sustainable alternatives with a lower environmental and social impact; having implemented internal procedures for managing the traceability information of its production and having ensured its workers the protection of fundamental rights and good practices of health and safety in the workplace. Specifically, the analysis of the responses led to the conclusion that in terms of “Materials” – the ability to implement a strategy aimed at replacing raw materials with more sustainable alternatives, up to the measurement and reduction of the environmental impact of the product with LCA methodology – Life Cycle Assessment – for more than 50% of the sample, the quality of the raw material purchased and / or the finished product is monitored at the request of the customer, or through an independent and preventive control plan. In addition, 78% of the development of strategies for replacing raw materials with alternatives with “lower” socio-environmental impact is the result of obtaining certifications such as GOTS, GRS, FSC, which are in great demand by the market. On the subject of “Trace” – governance of the traceability information of products and the conditions under which they are made along the supply chain through the creation of a sustainability vendor rating based on the assessment of social and environmental requirements – the study found that 48% of companies is “able to ensure the traceability of all batches of materials received from direct suppliers and of the external processes used. On the other hand, activities for monitoring the supply chain in terms of sustainability performance are being studied ”. With regard to the transition to a circular economy model (“Recycle”), to date, 70% of companies manage and dispose of waste in a virtuous way, without however taking actions aimed at limiting the resulting impact. Procedures for the correct management and reduction of plastic are to be developed. In the light of what emerged, with the aim of encouraging sustainable development, CPF proposed a threefold intervention: the adoption of a Charter of Values ​​common to the member companies, the definition of guidelines for identifying a true and its own Sustainability Manager and his training through targeted courses provided by Process Factory with the involvement of the marketing and commercial divisions to favor the structuring of a sales strategy that makes the sustainability component a strength.

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