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The Chieri Textile Museum is located in the spaces of the former Convent of Santa Chiara, formerly the Levi factory, which houses the first nucleus of the collection of objects from Chieri’s textile activity. On display are objects traditionally used for carrying out manual activities linked to agricultural work, among which the tools used for growing weed, for dyeing fabrics blue, for sericulture, for spinning and weaving cotton and linen and silk, for whitening cotton fabric. However, in the rooms of the Museum there is also space for valuable Chieri documents dedicated to the process of technological renewal of the textile industry. Finally, various spinning wheels, vertical and horizontal warping machines, hand looms, sample books, measuring instruments and accessories such as cane combs, shuttles with straight tips and curved tips come from private collections and donations from entrepreneurs. Finally, some parts of the Jacquard loom which was introduced in Chieri in the first half of the nineteenth century are also preserved. The oldest looms preserved in the Textile Museum date back to the 16th century.


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