Exhibitions, museums, cultural spaces that have made textiles and yarns their center. Where are they?

750m2: this is the area in which the permanent collection of the “Single Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Art” is exhibited, made up of a rich corpus of artefacts from different parts of the island. From blankets to sheets, from children’s linen to that for daily use, from saddlebags to country towels, through clothing for shepherds, to traditional costumes for parties up to traditional wooden looms, equipment and tools various for weaving, the Museum is a celebration of textile culture in all its meanings. To complete the exhibition there are also typically Samugese garments intended for everyday wear and precious eighteenth-century textile artefacts, handcrafted in wool, cotton and linen. Unique pieces, in terms of value and singularity, are finally the “affaciadas”, strips of finely worked fabric that were displayed on the balconies during the Corpus Domini procession. Among the rarities present in the Museum, five “tapinos ‘e mortu” stand out, artefacts used to support the body during the funeral wake.

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