Loreto Di Rienzo, Dyloan’s Technology Ambassador, anticipates the projects on which the company specialized in manufacturing for fashion, art and design sectors is working. Mono-materials and upcycling are the key points.

Innovation and sustainability : these are the two pillars on which to base the development of a company that wants to approach the future with awareness and responsibility. Loreto Di Rienzo, Technology Ambassador at Dyloan, a manufacturing company founded in 1987 which makes D-house one of its most structured and ambitious projects, is sure of this. “Urban laboratory of research and development, innovation, and sustainability – explains Di Rienzo – D-house is the container and the natural evolution of all the experiences acquired in thirty years of activity and goals achieved. It is a unique, which combines various cutting-edge technological solutions with the aim of disseminating them and, at the same time, creating synergies between the companies that embrace the Dyloan project”. Among the companies that believe in the know-how of this reality which, born with the intention of finding and proposing new ideas and avant-garde solutions for the fashion world, today deals with research, design, and production in the fields of fashion, art and design, there is also Filatura di Tollegno.  “With Filatura di Tollegno the collaboration is long-term going back many years to and, recently, it has been revived thanks to a four-handed project with the Woolmark Company”.

The two companies are linked by a common vision in terms of planning, philosophy, and way of working.It is confirmed also by Filatura di Tollegno: “sustainability” research, innovation are principles on which we also base our future and in which we invest continuously”.

Interesting developments can arise from these premises, in which research, a crucial element for the development of the supply chain linked to the world of spinning and textiles, plays a key role. Di Rienzo is also convinced of this: “the value of research is undeniable, especially if you want to obtain new and performing products. The post-pandemic market requires precisely this type of solutions, as well as long-lasting and sustainable”.

What are the projects you are working on in terms of research?

We are working on multiple projects, but the most interesting and urgent ones have to do with sustainability and the use of mono-material. These are two areas that, in a medium-long term vision, will have further extensions and on which the study must always be concentrated.

Sustainability, which until few years ago was considered a plus for a few companies, is now an asset…

Sustainability is no longer an exceptionality, an investment for a few, but it is a concrete need for every area, sector, reality. Each resource must be understood as unique and precious and therefore not only preserved, but also used in an “economic” way. For this reason, it is necessary to give space to initiatives and studies that go in this direction: we, for example, are working on mono-materials and on recycling

D-refashion is a clear example of this. What is about?

It is an upcycling project that aims to give a second life to unsold garments through reinterpretation obtained thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies of D-House. An initiative that is aimed at all those companies that want to enhance their stock of fabrics, finished garments and accessories.

This idea, born from you and Stefano Miceli, professor of Economics and Business Management at Cà Foscari University of Venice and, with the role of sustainability advisor to Marina Spadafora, asks companies to adopt a change of perspective….

Undoubtedly, the brands and companies that embrace this project must consider it as a concrete tool to solve a problem: the personalization of an accessory or a garment does not follow the same rules of price multiplication that are usually adopted. With our technologies and making use of the collaboration of fashion and interior designers, but also creatives and artists, we offer 4 customization packages that are the guides from which to start to define what the brand actually needs.


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