Who are the students who took care of creating the presentation book of the spring / summer 2023 collection? How did they live the experience in Tollegno 1900? What are their goals? A video tells them

Their names are Francesca and Beatrice and they are the creative souls who elaborated and developed the graphic design of the Ecollection book, presentation of the Tollegno 1900 spring / summer 2023 collection. Eclectics, inspired and talented, the two students in Communication Design at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan tell about their experience in collaborating with the company, between hesitations (initials) and “desire to do well”, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. The result of their commitment has been so convincing to lead Tollegno 1900 to make use of their collaboration also for the books of the F/ W 23/24 collection.

But who are Francesca and Beatrice?

Francesca Quarto, graduated in communication sciences at the University of Turin and graduating in Communication Design at NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milano, has clear ideas about her future: she wants to specialize in marketing and strategy in the field of communication , but without abandoning the creative sphere. This is why she would like to work as an account in a communication agency, a role that would allow her to constantly interface with the customer. She is passionate about fashion and interior design – “loves inherited from my parents” – she considers pleasures traveling and discovering new places, “good food and good wine”. About the Tollegno1900’s experience she says: “the collaboration with a strucutured company as Tollegno 1900 has allowed me not only to get in touch with the world of work starting from a leading reality in the yarn sector, but also to become aware of my points of strengths and my weaknesses. I believe it is essential to develop critical thinking on the matter in order to be professionally successful”. A vision that Beatrice Vallorani also shares – a degree in product design at the Milan Polytechnic and a master’s student of communication design at NABA – who would like to work as a creative, particularly in the research phase and in the conception of concepts both in graphic scope that product. Fashion and sewing have been her passions since she was little, while contemporary art is a passion matured growing. Curious by nature – “I try to absorb as much as possible from the people and environments I frequent” – she considered the experience in Tollegno 1900 as “a wonderful challenge because it is one of the first freelance jobs I have faced and because I love the field of operation: textiles are a world that has always fascinated me”.

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