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The company active since 1973 in Masserano, is the first company in Italy to have reached the level of excellence in the 4sustainability® Chemical Management protocol

Valuable result for Tintoria e Finissaggio 2000 which rises to the podium of best performance in terms of sustainability, earning praise in the Chemical Management protocol of 4sustainability®, a Process Factory brand that certifies the adhesion of fashion & luxury companies to the roadmap for green attitude. A result of 10 and praise also considering the area in which the company operates (dyeing and finishing in which the processes often involve a significant use of chemical products). “For a dyehouse – said in an interview with a local newspaper Dino Masso, ceo Tintoria e Finissaggio 2000 – waste water is among the most important pollution factors. This is why we care so much: because on this front we can significantly affect the reduction of our environmental impact. And the analyzes carried out with reference to the requirements of the 4s Chem protocol established in line with the ZDHC methodology, they are there to prove it”.  A ” sustainability-oriented ” modus operandi.” I believe that sustainability is an opportunity, rather than a constraint – adds the CEO – costs exist, but are amply rewarded in terms of both efficiency and value creation. Sustainability is also and above all a matter of respect for people and corporate culture, and must therefore and to the organization in all its functions by involving people “. It is no coincidence that Tintoria e Finissaggio 2000 introduced the figure of the Sustainability Manager to its staff.

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