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Chosen from 33 designers and students from Europe, the United States, South America and Asia based on the votes collected by their outfits only on the feeltheyarn.it site, the 5 creatives aim for the third phase of the Contest promoted and organized by Feel The Yarn®: the election of the overall winner. During Pitti immagine Filati 91, an international jury will decide who to award the final prize, consisting in the creation of a mini-collection mainly in knitwear for the SS23 season, created with the support of the spinning mills associated with the Consorzio Promozione Filati - CPF and the collaboration of some Italian knitwear.

They are called Elena De Vita (combined with Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia), Pietro Lo Presti (combined with Filati Biagioli Modesto), Lis Bazan (combined with Filpucci), Marion Lacroix-Desmazes (combined with Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale) and Marie Nardi (combined in Monticolor), thanks to the two “Feel the Green” themed knitted outfits they created, they managed to conquer the final of “Feel The Contest”, a competition promoted and organized by Feel The Yarn®, a brand under whose aegis they make head of all the initiatives of the Yarn Promotion Consortium.
From 16 to 18 May, only on the page of the feeltheyarn.it website dedicated to the competition, the looks of the 33 designers registered for the 2022 edition were in fact subjected to the judgment of professionals, experts in the sector, knitlovers and enthusiasts of the world of jersey, whose votes determined the five finalists, who are now looking forward to June with emotion and hope.

The overall winner of “Feel The Contest 2022” will in fact be decreed by an international jury during Pitti Immagine Filati 91 (June 28 / July 1), where the creations of the five that has garnered the greatest acclaim from the online public will be exhibited in the stand by Feel The Yarn®.
Waiting to know who will receive the most coveted prize – creation of a capsule collection, entirely Made in Italy and mainly knitted, made with the yarns supplied by the companies associated with the CPF-Yarn Promotion Consortium and with the collaboration of some knitwear producers Italians – the 5 designers will see their garments, worn by models, published in the issue of the Magazine “Feel The Yarn” # 08 AW 23.24 “Riding the change”.
The fruits of their talent will also be presented and promoted in the international sector press and will have maximum echo through the social media belonging to the Feel The Yarn® brand.

For its participants, as well as for the companies that have joined the project, “Feel The Contest” thus confirms itself as more than a simple competition, offering multiple and structured visibility opportunities and occasions to show off one’s talent or the quality of own yarns.

“The“ Feel The Green ”2022 Contest opened with the participation of numerous stylists from different countries of the world. The new edition strengthened by the Facebook group “FTY for New Designers”, which today gathers more than 7,700 members, has represented an unprecedented flywheel for the stylists, who, combined with the consortium’s spinning mills, have been able to take advantage of a worldwide virtual showcase.
Post after post the competitors challenged each other with their creations, awaiting the response of the votes on the feeltheyarn.it site, which legitimized the credibility of the Contest.
In light of these results, we are very satisfied with what has been achieved and we look forward to the symbolic handover between Raquel de Carvalho, who won the 2021 edition, and the new winner “, commented Alberto Enoch, President of the Yarn Promotion Consortium. – CPF.

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