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Giulia Bortoli, partner of two of the brands that partecipated in The Woolmark Company 2021, explains why the iconic yarn of Tollegno 1900 is among its best.

She followed two of the brands that took part in the 2021 International Woolmark Prize – a prize for young creatives wanted by Woolmark Company with the theme Less is More for last year’s edition which decreed the English designer Matty Bovan the winner – and with all his staff is already projected to the Prize of 2022, to participate in which you can apply until July 31: Giulia Bortoli and the “young creative minds” that make up “Studioe”, of which she is the founder, is ready to collect the challenge.

“As official partner of the Woolmark Prize – explains Giulia – we received the request to participate again this year, supporting Saul Nash, selected finalist 2022. My proposal was instinctively to integrate Harmony by Tollegno 1900 within the technical vision of the brand.

It is a yarn in which I believe a lot both for its superior quality and for the gigantic color card in stock”. A long-standing love that binds Studioe to the Tollegno 1900 yarn. It is true – continues Bortoli – Harmony was the first yarn I samples when I opened the studio in 2016, since then I have been proposing it to every customer being convinced that it can fully interpret my philosophy and the goal, we set ourselves. In fact, Studioe wants to give to its customers in the world of knitwear the opportunity to experiment, thanks to the use of carefully selected yarns and fabrics and last generation technologies. All following a 100% sustainable process.

From a strictly operational point of view, how does this commitment translate?

In concrete terms, being mainly specialized in textile development, I work every day in close contact with weavers and machinery, inventing new weaves of knits mixed with avant-garde yarns. From the encounter and the union between the classic method and innovation, creations of extreme value can be generated.

What if you had to define your modus operandi?

Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know all the schools of thought of knitwear, mine is founded on the encounter between high manufacturing and craftsmanship with experimental technology.

No wonder it became part of the Woolmark Prize project…

Actually I have to thank the client and friend Marie-Ève Lecavalier  of the Le Cavalier brad who, after being selected as a finalist for the 2021 Woolmark Prize, wanted me by her side to follow the development and research of the collection.  Later I was also contacted by Kenneth of the Kenneth Ize brand. Specialized in woven fabric “Made in Lagos” for the first time and for the occasion of the award he wanted to integrate the collection with knitted garments.

How did you work 4 hands with Le Cavalier?

Marie and I have been working together for a couple of years now, we understand each other immediately and above all she trusts our every decision. To facilitate our consonance of visions and ideas was also the line that we should have followed, totally in our strings: a sustainable knitwear centered on monochrome colors and thick hands.   facilitare la nostra

Why did you choose Harmony as your guiding yarn?

Because we considered him the best interpreter we could have for this project: we started from the roots of our path, developing it in purity with classic but effective processes, in terms of fit and colors.

A big good luck for the next edition, the conditions for creating works that leave their mark are all there! 





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