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Born from the collaboration between Connecting Cultures and C.L.A.S.S. , the competition will announce the winner in March 2022. Prize 3000 euros

Second edition at the start of the Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award, an international competition for an innovative communication of sustainable fashion that calls together stylists, photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and other creatives who, by midnight on January 12, 2022, will have to present their proposals: editorial projects, fashion events, photography and advertising and new digital and phygital projects, social media campaigns, games and immersive and virtual experiences.

The aim of the Award is to focus on creatives from all over the world who, through visual and audiovisual content or other media, are effectively communicating an ethics of sustainable fashion. Evaluating the winner, who will receive a prize of 3000 euros, is a jury composed of Anna Detheridge, Giusy Bettoni, Rita Airaghi, Paola Arosio, Jeanine Ballone, Evie Evangelou, Chiara Luisi, Sara Kozlowski, Dio Kurazawa, Renata Molho, Lucy Orta and Stefania Ricci, while ambassadors of the initiative are Iris Skrami, CEO and co-founder of Renoon, the main research tool and data hub for sustainable fashion, and Valentina Suarez, co-founder and general manager of the sustainable fashion movement Latin American Universe MOLA, a program of the Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation.

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