Curiosities and unusual information to learn about the world of wool and appreciate one of the most precious fibers of all time

To make Wool a unique yarn of its kind are some typical characteristics linked to its chemical and physical structure. In particular, to distinguish it are its moisture absorption capacity – water molecules are absorbed and deposited in the fiber and heat is released – from thermal insulation – in hot and dry environments, wool loses water vapor and absorbs heat from the human body – and liquid water repellency. When the fiber is clean it has a very thin surface layer of waxy material that acts as a natural repellent for liquids. But not only that, compared to other textile fibers, wool has a natural resistance to dirt but it is also easy to clean thanks to its hydrophobic capacity. However, its innate qualities are also others such as resistance to breakage – it is an elastic fiber with good recovery properties that contribute to its maintenance – abrasion, friction and flammability. If that wasn’t enough, wool also has low static electricity.

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