What is meant by the new renaissance of luxury? How does contemporary man fit into this scenario? This is explained by Shawn Pean, creative director of the New York brand that has chosen 3DWOOL among the fabrics for its garments.

It was inevitable that this would happen: social distancing, smart working as a substitute or alternative to working in the presence, the long periods of isolation at home and the contraction of social life have contributed to significantly change the lifestyle of the man, who had to redesign his daily life. Even in clothing.

A process that began before the pandemic but to which the latter has given a powerful acceleration. The casual style, declined in outfits between sporty and comfort chic, has taken off and in the contemporary man’s wardrobe classic and formal clothes – not surprisingly often defined as “for work” – have given way to more easy looks , but no less refined. Even the world of luxury has had to deal with these new paradigms, reformulating and redefining a new standard.

Shawn Pean, creative director of the June79 brand, is convinced of this and, as himself says, “is based on a new renaissance of luxury that requires a substantial revision of mentality and style”. June79 was born from this awareness, whose name is above all a declaration of love mixed with a clear definition of style: “The brand name pays homage to my brother Junior, whom we call June. The world has changed and the way we dress has changed with it. June79 gives shape to this new need, having very clear ideas about the goal to be achieved: to become a global and multi-category lifestyle brand”.

Multi-category in the sense that it is aimed at a transversal audience?

We want to address that wide range of professionals who, although belonging to the most disparate sectors, have shared the move away from a structured way of dressing, realizing that comfort plays an important part in their daily life. As well as the quality and craftsmanship of the garments.

Does everything that was considered luxury therefore also have to adapt to the new model?

The current revolution has contributed to the birth of a new luxury mentality that includes everything: from the quality of the materials used to the craftsmanship of the workmanship up to the lifestyle. This new approach has also led to redefining the standard of menswear. June79 enters exactly in this world and interprets it: its strength lies in creating outfits and garments that are a perfect balance between the most driven work look and the professional leisure one, up to that linked to luxury. The result is a highly personal style, reserved for a demanding man.

Demanding starting from fashion proposals. How do you respond to this need and what inspires you?

After the past year and in an interesting and complicated historical period like this one, I wanted to break with the structural norms and create a new fashion manual. This is the foundation of the June79 collection, this is the premise of all my projects that reflect where we are going as a community.

What direction is contemporary man taking?

I think he has evolved into a new Renaissance man who, while trying to respect traditional norms, wants to define a new way of doing things, even in his clothing. An attitude that allows him to express himself freely, making very individual choices also in terms of fashion.

Have Covid-19 and the pandemic contributed to this awareness and to change human needs in terms of clothing?

I think there has been a change in the way clothes are bought. Today, consumers are looking for brands that fit their lifestyle, allowing them to move around in various social and professional environments. The goal is to always feel at ease in any situation.

A goal to which several factors contribute …

A goal that is a happy combination of fabrics, details and fit. 3DWOOL fits perfectly into this vision. We chose it because its elasticity ensures freedom of movement, the basis of the comfort that man needs.

Speaking of need, albeit in abstract terms: what should never be missing in a man’s wardrobe?

I suggest our “Pierre Blazer”. Its versatility makes it a must.

What are the must-haves for autumn / winter 2021/22?

After a year in which most men have worn jogging pants, I believe that the must-have item for the upcoming cold season is a great pair of pants, comfortable yet fashionable. I’m clearly biased, but I’d suggest June79’s “Charles” pants.

Let’s think about the future: next spring / summer instead?

Surely it will be colored and no longer just basic in nuances.

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