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Who are the tricot addicted? What are the most made garments? What are the must haves to keep in the wardrobe? Maria Rita Bianchi of “Ago Filo e ..”, authorized dealer Lana Gatto, tells it

“When I started I was thinking only of haberdashery in the most common sense of the term, but today I can say with great satisfaction that I have given the right importance to wool. Thanks to the Lana Gatto brand, I understood the value of this yarn which lends itself to a thousand fine creations as my customers confirm: for them, using Filatura di Tollegno products, I also make tailor-made garments. A love story that one with the brand that has lasted for 31 years “.

Talking about her experience is Maria Rita Bianchi, owner of “Ago Filo e…”, exclusive dealer of Lana Gatto, on the slopes of Assisi, which over the years has made the Filatura di Tollegno brand one of her strengths. “My first meeting with Lana Gatto was casual: I took over an existing business and found some of its yarns in the warehouse stock. I could immediately appreciate their great quality, so much so that in the following seasons I bought several other proposals that allowed me to respond to the needs of my customers, from the most classic to those that follow fashion trends “. Fashion that over the years has paid more and more attention to the world of tricot and knitwear. But who is the woman who crosses the needles?.

“The woman who loves to knit is ageless, she considers knitting a way to relax and has inherited her passion from her mother who sometimes acquired it from her mother. Behind the tricot there is therefore a family history that recognizes in Lana Gatto a brand that has a historical value for quality and reliability “.

From grandmothers to grandchildren, the art of knitting therefore has no boundaries and, for each season, outlines “must-haves”. “If new mothers try their hand at baby sweaters, girls, thanks to what can be seen on the web, approach more demanding garments or accessories that allow them to give personality to an outfit. There is only one certainty: in a woman’s wardrobe a knitwear garment must never be missing, because wearing it one feels enveloped in the warmth and softness that wool gives “. Features that have also been able to seduce men. “Among my clients there are someone who dedicate themselves to knitting in their free time, a relaxing hobby for which they often also buy online”.

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