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The plant native to Sudan is the basis of a treatment that gives merino wool even more softness. A caress for the skin, soothed by the skin-protective and moisturizing action.

What happens when 100% Extrafine Merino Wool meets aloe vera during a treatment? Baby Soft is born, a winter yarn by Lana Gatto that combines the characteristics of softness and warmth typical of wool with the therapeutic characteristics of the succulent plant native to Sudan. Used since ancient times as a remedy to treat physical problems and to heal the body, the extract of its leaves contains more than 200 components that have positive effects on the well-being and health of humans, starting from the skin. Thanks to its skin-protective, moisturizing, and emollient action, aloe, in all respects similar to a cactus, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and softness upon contact with the body.

Employed in the treatment of natural yarns such as Merino Wool it gives them not only a very comfortable hand, but also moisturizing effects on dry dermis. Its innate antimicrobial characteristics are also a non-trivial added value, especially if the yarn is used to make garments for children. The Baby Soft yarn, subjected to this treatment, 100% natural and non-toxic, is designed specifically for wool for babies and preschool children to guarantee them maximum well-being.

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