On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first competition, Biella hosted the initiative again, divided into 3 parts (exhibition, meeting with the champions and the actual competition) on the weekend of 22th April

On the trail of wool: starting from these premises, the weekend of 22 April, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of its first edition. the “1st Rallye Della Lana – Revival 1973-2023 took place”. Main sponsor of the event was Lana Gatto, who shares with the event a recognized historicity with the national sprint car race named in memory of Giovanni Bracco, a Biellese runner who won the 1000 Miglia. Half a century after the competition that started the circuit, the city has relived the first edition of the race with the aim of making known the meaning of the Rallye della Lana to project it into the future. The response from the public was large thanks also to the program of the event divided into three parts: the exhibition “Rally Lana Since 1973”, punctuated by a series of photographs by Sergio Fighera, the exhibition of cars that made the race great and the vision on a giant screen of the most beautiful images of all the editions curated by Ernesto Schiapparelli and Enrico Candini, the meeting with the champions during “50 shades of wool” and the real tourist regularity race in the footsteps of the same route of the first edition: Biella , Ronco, Ternengo, Veglio, Callabiana, Camandona, Andorno, Miagliano, Pralungo, Cossila, Pollone, Sordevolo, Muzzano, Graglia, Netro, Donato, Sala, Torrazzo, Magnano, Zimone, Salussola, Cerrione and again Biella for a total of 240 km. If the Automobile Club of Biella took care of the promotion of the competition, the organization of the regularity was followed by Veglio 4×4 while that of the event by Start&Go.

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