Sales Director of Filatura di Tollegno for North America has clear ideas on why the company has carved out a leading role in his country

What are the strengths of the company in your opinion?

Honesty, Integrity and Quality.

How is Filatura di Tollegno considered in your country and what is appreciated?

Among the companies of European origin, Filatura di Tollegno is the most appreciated by North Americans for choosing their classic and innovative Merino wool yarns, and for fabrics they prefer combed and elasticized technical wools.

Is there a yarn that represents it more than others?

Harmony 4.0.  Technical, Seasonless and Future Directional

Why is it important to have an operational headquarters also in your country?

To have an office in the USA, means the North American customer base has direct contact to the mill. We may be separated by an ocean, but work as if we are in Biella.  In an office you have a one directional line focused on making the customer successful.

Has the pandemic changed the approach of customers?

Too early to tell. I think we will have the answers once everyone is vaccinated and restrictions are lifted. Certainly fashion is a field of interaction and presentation of products, since it is not possible to do so, the perception of the customer is different and the price is felt.

Based on your experience, what is important to customers right now?

Knowledge,  Honesty and a Mill that has been delivering quality production for over 120 years.



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