The fabrics collection in Milan will open the games and after 24 hours it will be the turn of the yarns exhibited in Florence. The company thinks about spring / summer 2023 by focusing on sustainability and performance

1 and 2 February Milan and 2-4 February Florence: these are the two dates that Tollegno 1900 has put on its agenda to present its collections of fabrics and yarns for spring / summer 2023. The fabrics collection will be exhibited at Milano Unica: it makes 3DWOOL its main interpreter but it also focuses on new products such as an eco-friendly fabric that presents itself as a mix between wool and Tencel-Lyocell. “3DWOOL is the main actor of the collection, which can also count on a base of products consolidated from years of production, but updated in the color and design contents. To stand out in the next spring / summer are therefore canvases in various weights, very fine poplin, mouliné aspects for the day dress, compact and patterned casimir to interpret the four-season trousers declined in mono and bi-stretch versions, in extrafine wool and ultrafine. Around this proposal, there are others all united by a single thread: 3DWOOL”. Space, therefore, for super-stretch mono and bi-stretch fabrics characterized by above-average elasticity performance and optimal stretch-recovery values, to mono- and bi-stretch washable in water in various weaves that are easy to maintain, to extra-mélange in a range of ad hoc colors that mixes the virtues of yarn-dyed with those of piece-dyed, to fluorescent fabrics, plain and patterned colors, in specific products for jackets (pure wool or blended with natural fibers such as cotton and linen to better characterize effects and backgrounds) and for ceremonies. The collection also has the merit of bringing together continuity and innovation, classicism and experimentation: an example is the continuation of the stock service for 56 3DWOOL variants dedicated to the world of tailoring and “made-to-measure” and the availability of the 3DWOOL collection. also in digital format.

From Milan to Florence the step is short. At the Stazione Leopolda it will be the ECOllection, green, innovative, transversal and creative, to mark the PE23 of Tollegno 1900. It is declined by 4 yarns in Merino Extrafine RWS wool in purity or in blends (“Biolino”, “Flaxi”, “Icewool RWS” and “Woolcot Bio”) collected in an ECObook which, summarizing the research and studies on yarns carried out by Tollegno 1900 in recent years, collects the company’s most sustainable collection, destined to go “beyond” spring / summer 2023 precisely to its timeless value. “So that the ECOllection yarns could be fully exploited – explained by Tollegno 1900 – we thought of a Book that was not just a sum of technical data sheets, but a real vademecum to be used as inspiration. For each yarn we have in fact outlined its characteristics, flanked by a stylistic focus, a selection of stitches with the relative explanation and the color palette that concerns it. However, ECOcollection and ECOBook are much more: they are a declaration of love to Extrafine Merino Wool in its RWS variant and a celebration of the value of some natural yarns such as European Flax certified Linen and Organic Cotton “. The corollary of this handbook is a section dedicated to certifications, which has always been a strong point for the company. Finally, the collection is completed by a series of yarns which, already presented last winter, are now offered in their lighter version: Agreable 2/80 (100% Ultrafine Merino Wool) which, a synthesis of softness and shine, comfort and lightness , Harmony 4.0 J and New Royal 4.0 J, versatile interpreters also in the “jersey” version, and Nuage, a brushed pile yarn ideal for openwork or for easy chic proposals when combined with wool and silk. Finally, maximum attention is paid to colors that combine natural shades (white, sand, rope, earth and stone green), strong flashes mediated by the previous season (orange, red, golden yellow and sun, lavender) or totally new (intense blue , tranquil blue full pink, lemon yellow and compact green).

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