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Knitwear protagonist of the creations of the Kazakh designer who chooses Lana Gatto yarns for her creations.

Her name is Ainura Yerimbet and she has a love relationship with Italy that began in 2009 when, as a student of Polimoda in Florence, she began the path that, in 2013, would have led her to graduate as Fashion Designer. Today, she is the founder of Primo Studio Design, and she uses her acquired skills by creating unique knitted products in which creativity blends with the knowledge of processes and materials. Among these are the yarns of Lana Gatto, discovered during an internship following her experience in Polimoda. “After finishing the Fashion Designer course – explains Ainura – I had the opportunity to carry out an internship in an extremely valuable company, where I was able not only to put into practice the skills acquired by attending the Florentine fashion institute, but also learn specific techniques and processes to enhance quality yarn, primarily wool. In the Tuscan knitting factory G.R.P.  I also had the opportunity to get to know more closely Lana Gatto’s world of yarns, touching their excellence firsthand. 

Excellence which, together with creativity, are the strength of Primo Studio Design. How was this project born? 

After completing my studies in Italy, in 2013 I went back to Kazakistan, my homeland, with very clear ideas: fashion was the world in which I wanted to continue expressing my creativity but, I didn’t have a job waiting for me.  Building and developing my own company in which I could be completely free to express myself was the step I felt like taking. I invested in myself and, not without difficulty, I managed to give shape to Primo Studio Design that today employs 24 people.

What does Primo Studio Design represent for you?

The seal of a passion that began as a child, when I designed clothes for my dolls and then I made them.  I have memories of me with a needle always in my hand. Growing up, in school age, from the wardrobe for my puppets I moved on to making mine: I sewed skirts, blouses and even jackets following the instructions I found in the publications dedicated to cut and sew.  Primo Studio Design is therefore the synthesis of my story as well as of my love for Italy.  My company has a strong Italian soul, starting from its name to continue in the environments in which it is articulated and above all in the style it proposes.

Style that speaks to women …

Exactly. We create tailor-made garments only for women. Our goal is to create an emotion with each creation an emotion in wearing it, giving a feeling of beauty and well-being. Because a well-dressed woman gives off a special light all her own. The love we put in each creation, in addition to making it unique, makes it “alive” and strongly expressive of the history that lies behind it.



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