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He took part in the 2022 edition 1st Level Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design by Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna and to create the closing capsule collection he used Harmony by Tollegno 1900 of which he underlines the highest quality and extreme versatility.

After the three-years course and an internship in a well-known Italian company in the fashion sector, Pasquale De Lise had no doubts: to improve his professionality he chose to take a new training course by enrolling in the 1st Level Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design of Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna. A choice dictated not only by the desire to grow his skills and get back into the game in a historical period, that of the non-easy Covid-19 pandemic.  To Tell his path is the same Designer who admits: “the predilection of the master was already maturated during my first university course, during which I developed a strong interested in knitwear.”

Following this interest, enrolment in the CKD Master was a natural evolution. What is the added value that you think followed it, has given you?

Given that the 1st Level Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design of Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna is a training course of excellence in the sector and the possibility of using the space of Modateca Deanna is truly a fortune, I believe that the real added value is given by the archive and the possibility of viewing the garments of the best designers in the history of fashion. An unequalled stimulus for a young designer. However, the course also has further pluses such as, for example, the possibility of participating in various industrial projects, projects that allow you to interface with solid Made in Italy companies. Finally, the continuous exchange of ideas with tutors and classmates is not secondary, which enriches the professional and personal baggage. In addition, working with knitwear professionals is something exciting.

Enthusiasm that can also be read in the project that you have developed at the end of your path and for which you have also chosen Harmony as an interpreter.

I got to know Tollegno 1900 during the master and in my project, I had the pleasure of being able to collaborate with the company using its iconic yarn, which combines extreme quality and versatility.

Do these features combine with other elements that you find convincing?

Harmony is a yarn with excellent characteristics, among which, in addition to those already identified, the attention to sustainability stands out. Not less important is also the vastness of the colour chart that can be found in stock.

How did you use it to shape your creativity?

In my collection I used Harmony to make two outlooks: the iconic piece of the collection, the BEAR sweater, and the trousers of the last outfit. For the BEAR sweater I needed a yarn that would allow me to create an excellent base, a turtleneck sweater with exasperated proportions, and on top of it, hairy stich embroidery. Harmony was the perfect solution. For the pants instead, I used Harmony from Tollegno 1900 with a mohair yarn in a jacquard stitch that I then brushed. Also in this case its use was fundamental to give shape to a garment that, in addition to being aesthetically creative, gives a comfortable fit.


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