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To create her university degree collection, she has chosen Harmony. A selection gained during her experience in Ck, a long-time user of our iconic yarn

She has worked in New York for Calvin Klein as assistant designer of men’s sweaters and in that occasion has met Tollegno 1900, one of the brand’s main yarn suppliers. After the New York experience she has arrived in Florence to attend a master in knitwear at Polimoda and, needing a “familiar” yarn to make her degree collection, she has thought of Harmony. Yun Xie is the emblem of the new generation designers who, for their experiments, look for yarns that, due to their characteristics, are able to give shape to their creativity, enhancing it. Recently graduated, she started working for Missoni.

In developing the collection for your master, what value did the experience in Ck have?

I learned a lot in Ck, from how to make a good sweater to how to explore different creative possibilities using the most correct materials. An experience that profoundly has formed me, especially enriching my knowledge of the different characteristics and capabilities of fibers and materials.

A baggage that you wanted to make even more solid with a master in Polimoda. Why the choice to improve your knowledge with a course in Italy?

I think Italy is one of the best countries in the world to learn about knitwear, in terms of craftsmanship, materials, technical aspects and market trends, allowing to structure a truly global vision. This is why I hope to be able to work here after completing my master’s degree. In addition to knitwear, I deal with art photography and last year I made a photographic project that has been exhibited in some group exhibitions. Now I’m making new photos but centered on my current knitwear collection.

For the collection you have developed for your degree you have chosen Harmony by Tollegno 1900. Why this choice?

When I was in CK I tried it in different points, sizes, tensions and washing tests and it has proven to have valuable characteristics in terms of durability, soft hand, appearance and ease of processing. I could only choose it as the leitmotif of the 5-7 complete knitwear looks in my collection where I’ve used it in different stitches and sizes.

You have recently started working in Missoni: what do you expect from this experience?

I am really excited to start this new chapter of my career. Missoni is not only a unique Italian brand, but also a pioneer in knitwear and textile. I want to dedicate my knowledge and creativity for the brand as a designer, and learn from its heritage and craftsmanship. This experience will give me amazing growth and personal development.


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