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At the June 2022 edition of the textile fair, the company presented itself with a new image of its exhibition space that it also proposes for the January 2023 appointment. To tell the operational director of RBCreative who took care of it

One stand is not worth the other, especially within a fair like Pitti Immagine Filati where the significant number of exhibitors requires you to be able to stand out, leaving a tangible mark on the company visitors, whose image also passes through creativity and the preparation of the exhibition spaces, an expression of its philosophy or of the products that represent its focus in the sales and communication strategy. Starting from these premises and with the intention of renewing its aesthetics, Tollegno 1900, in the occasion of the last Florentine fair, presented itself with a new look, the result of the experience of RBCreative whose team, led by Edoardo Barbera (Operation Manager) was responsible for designing and implementing and installation capable of enhancing its strengths and services.  Research of new materials, technological and organizational versatility were the tracks followed by the agency’s designers to put the new project on track. Project that is only the latest of those that has seen the two realities working side by side. “The collaboration between us – explains Barbera – dates to the time of the realization of the collections and then continued with the development of the mounting sector. In 2014, the Tollegno 1900 stand was one of the first stands we created for that edition of Pitti Immagine Filati”.

Since then, a long way had been done but the partnership has remained so much that we also edited the new set-up, presented at the fair last February. From what premises did you start to develop the creative idea?   

For sure the exchange of information and the comparison with the staff of Tollegno 1900 was decisive to start planning. The goal that was communicated to us, to put the lens on the “Green” component of the company, represented an important guideline for our architect who then translated it on a drawing board, starting from a total renovation of furnishing, colors, and logos.

Concretely, how was this restyling carried out?   

Our production staff, starting from the old stand, intervened by regenerating the background painting, making the white color stands out, compared to the black that was instead dominant in the previous version. At the same time, our chain of specialized craftsmen has created new tables, focusing on a lighter and more modern design, and finally also the cardboard logos.

Compared to the previous stand, there has been a clear change of pace resulting from the company’s evolution. The focus is no longer only on merino wool but on concepts such as sustainability, innovation, green attitude, and internationalization.

How were they expressed in the new set-up?

There are different methods of intervention, but it was the creation of the cardboard company logos that gave the real imprint, a strong expression of the route that Tollegno 1900 wants to follow. The aesthetic impact goes hand in hand with the choice of a material that is synonymous of sustainability.

Colors and material: two elements not to be underestimated….. 

Color becomes an element of identity. The master is the white that, chosen for its simplicity and neutrality, makes the stand like an immaculate canvas. The chromatic impact is reserved for the products, whose different nuances convey emotions and evoke the company, whose philosophy is also expressed using cardboard, a representation of everything that is green and recyclable.

Did you encounter any critical issues in the conception and implementation phase?

The most problematic aspect is collimated with the redistribution of spaces. The goal was to maintain the harmony of the environment while creating the right balance between the commercial negotiation stations, the display, and the lounge area with the catering.  Another critical issue was represented by the choice of the type of cardboard to be used for the logos so that they did not remain anonymous in the white walls.

In your opinion, what makes the identity created for Tollegno 1900 compared to that of other competitors present at the fair?  

Surely the important dimensions and the central position, to which are added the streamlined, clean, and bright concept are the winning cards to attract to enter even for just for a moment and visit a company with historical roots but that keeps up with the times.

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