Three workshops organized by Feel the Yarn between Europe and Asia to present the S / S 2022 collection. An important revival of face-to-face meetings that also offered us the opportunity to implement customers

2021 starts in the name of internationalization for our company which, between March and April, took part in three workshops for the presentation of the spring-summer 2022 collection born and organized on the initiative of Feel the Yarn, a brand under whose aegis they all fall the activities of the Yarn Promotions Consortium. From Paris to Shenzen passing through Tokyo, the meetings, which took place face to face, while maintaining the basic operational structure of the previous seasons, have been redesigned to meet the security needs imposed by Covid-19.

The yarn road tour was opened by Paris, the stage of “Rendez vous à Paris avec les filateurs italiens” (March 8-12, 2021, Galerie Joseph), followed by Shenzen (“Workshop Feel the Yarn”, March 22-23, Ballroom hall, Four Seasons Hotel) and from Tokyo (13 and 14 April – TOC by Ariake – Convention Hall). “In a year like this that wants to mark a recovery compared to 2020, taking part in international initiatives is even more important first of all to re-tie the threads of interrupted speeches thanks to the pandemic, but still kept at a distance. The workshops, held thanks to local agents and company staff, also represent important moments of sharing to correctly communicate the value of the collection both to already loyal customers and to new contacts “, says Lincoln Germanetti, CEO of Tollegno 1900. opening new sales channels is one of the key objectives of these events. “We are very satisfied with the results collected in each of the three meetings. In the Shenzen stage, entirely sponsored by ICE, in addition to being able to shorten the distance with customers who have long chosen us as their partner, we also intercepted a good number of new interlocutors “.


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