A film presents Tollegno 1900 through the symbolic journey of a red yarn that leads to the discovery of the different souls of the company, between heritage and innovation, research and sustainability

All begins with a red thread of wool which, after having sailed through the halls and corridors of Tollegno 1900, climbed over stairs and machinery, having observed the purity of the water of the Cervo torrent, having stopped to look at the grandeur of the surrounding mountains, having created a lattice around a work of art of singular beauty, finds rest in the pocket of a jacket. A visionary itinerary, outlined in a short film that tells our company from an unusual point of view, but full of power. To narrate the world of Tollegno 1900 in “Il filo rosso” – this is the name of the film – is the wool which, interpreter and expression of the life of the company since its origins, now becomes the protagonist of a film full of suggestions, born from emotions of Giorgio Oppici. Advertising professional by choice and film director by vocation, Giorgio is not a new acquaintance for Tollegno 1900: “I came into contact with your reality – he says – thanks to a common acquaintance eight years ago, when we made the first film together: Italiani. A beautiful experience. We shot everything in one day: I remember that I abandoned the tripod to be able to move freely in the various compartments. I filmed everything, everything was calling me. A job that I still like very much. Making a second film now has been an important commitment because the expectation was high”.

The creative power of a film begins with the basic idea. How do you develop your video?

Already while the client tells me the contents that he would like to be represented, I begin to visualize images and situations which I then elaborate until the drafting of a script.

Did you proceed in this way also for “Il filo rosso”?

The goal was clear: to accompany the viewer on a journey within the company. The reference to the ball of wool that Theseus received from Ariadne to enter the labyrinth has been instinctive. A red thread has thus become, as well as a guide, also a trait of union between the various sectors, between the two souls of the company, the historical one and the innovative one. Wool is the real narrative protagonist.

Between shock and intuition, the idea gradually takes shape. Is there something that inspires you?

Everything that is authentic, which is an expression of work, passion, history, people

Empathy and the human side are therefore the pillars to build a solid project which, in its realization, can however encounter some difficulties ...

Two are the greatest in my work: light and emotion. Light is essential for photography. Emotion is essential for me. If the emotional aspect fails or if I don’t see “my way” I prefer not to accept the job.

Getting excited to get excited is therefore your personal red thread, the soul of all your work. Among the many works you have realized, is there one you are most proud of?

Each film has its own story that ignites memories of the moments in which it was done, of the people met and of the relationships that were born. Seeing them again, each one excites me but, perhaps among all, there is one. It is a free expression of mine entitled “Assunta (indefinitely)” and it is the story, in my opinion poignant and ironic, of one of those waitress mannequins placed outside the trattorias. Shortly after the conclusion of the video, Assunta was “kidnapped”, I was sorry. I hope she is well today.

After Assunta, which other story would you like to give a voice to?

The mixture of business and culture attracts me very much. I would like to make a small contribution by taking advantage of corporate communication to convey content. We have many stories in our country to tell.

With a perfect circularity, let’s start again from where we started this chat: the idea is there, now we just have to develop it. But what are the elements that combine to give it suggestion when it takes shape in a film?

Photography, music, editing, the narrative path. Above all, the involvement.

The circle closes, let’s go back to emotion.

Giorgio Oppici: www.giorgiooppici.it

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