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Two books tell about Tollegno 1900 through its iconic yarns, inviting to a wool journey of visual and tactile suggestions. With "Cosy" and "Soulful" there is also space for new products in the name of self care

For the next cold season, Tollegno 1900 symbolically places itself at the center of its collection, focusing on the yarns that have made it recognizable and on recently created products that are already destined to become iconic. “Recognizability”, “conscious identity” and “essence” are the guidelines of the F/W 23/24 proposal expressed in its essence in the “Collection Book” and “Collection Stitches”. If the first book proposes a journey into the world of wool marked by 19 yarns that trace the history of Tollegno 1900 and open up new visions, the second one focuses instead on the “stitches”. “Collection Book is based on a visual & touch experience that replaces words with the sensoriality of sight and touch, thanks to cards in which ample space is dedicated to the product itself. To open the first part of the book – the company explains – is the “Harmony world” declined in all the proposals that are connected to the 100% extrafine Merino wool yarn most re+presentative of the company: “Harmony”, “Harmony 4.0”, “Harmony NT”, “Evolution”, “Nuage”, “Free” and “Free NT”. A focus is reserved for the newborn “Cosy”, 96% Extrafine Merino Wool and 4% Textured Nylon that expresses a new well-being approach”. To close the first session are “Wild” and “Explorer”, green for DNA. The second part of the Book focuses on super fine wools presented both in purity, as in “New Royal” and “New Royal 4.0”, “Agreable”, “Icewool”, “Icewool” RWS, and mixed with fine yarns such as silk, cotton and cashmere (“Sublime”, “Sultano”, “Delice”, “Harmony 4.0 Silk”, “Woolcot” and “Woolcot Bio”). New entry in the collection is “Soulful” interpreter of a new concept of self care and wellness in the name of care.

“Collection Stitches” takes shape starting from some of the Collection Book yarns: the book consists of more than 20 pages of “stitches” which aim to offer suggestions, give ideas and indications, creating suggestions at a glance. Each proposal is the result of research, study and combinations that, although apparently risky, convince precisely because of their singularity.

If creative experimentation has guided the drafting of this Book, in developing the color palette of the collection, the company has instead appealed to harmony and the conscious selection of shades. The result is 165 essential shades, convincing and effective for their expressive power, and a wide range of mélange, among which “galactic cobalt”, “sage leaf dark” and “beige parchment” stand out.

Finally, also for the F/W 23/24 collection, the sustainability factor remains fundamental, as confirmed by the “nature” of the main yarn (wool is universally recognized as one of the most ecological and performing fibers in the world) and by the certifications obtained, in particular “RWS” (standard relating to the welfare of sheep and respect for their environment) and “NATIVA PRECIOUS FIBER,” guarantee of garments made with natural fibers in full respect of the environment and animals.


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