The initiative, presented on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, was created by Guardini Ciuffreda Studio in collaboration with Kornit Digital.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024 D-house urban laboratory, Innovation Hub of the Pattern Group, collaborates again with Kornit Digital (NASDAQ: KRNT) to present Printed Rituals, created by Guardini Ciuffreda Studio.

The installation, housed within the rooms of the urban laboratory, offers a welcoming and comfortable environment that invites you to explore the infinite synergies between fashion, design and creativity. An illusory corridor guides visitors on this fascinating journey, while natural elements, such as colorful flowers, flying herons, protective whales, and evocative fantastic elements, will convey the value of the here and now. Inspired by the Moryama House, Guardini Ciuffreda Studio questions the traditional concept of home as a place of self-expression and discovery. Without furniture and static objects inside, visitors will find a space, clothes and elements that we can ‘inhabit’ because they are created to adapt to our bodies. Japan and its echoes will be tangible in every element of the installation. Five outfits for five rooms where printed fabrics are transformed into three-dimensional codes to explore, accompanied by poems to read thanks to the potential of Kornit technology. The intricate printing process produced an extraordinary result: a fascinating dual visual experience. On the front, the print captivates with its vibrancy, drawing the viewer in, while on the other side a whole new dimension opens up, showcasing the artistry of layered whites that add depth and dimension to the fabric. This innovative approach, made possible by the Kornit Presto Max printer, shows the infinite possibilities of digital printing, offering a versatile solution that overcomes traditional limitations and elevates the art of printing on various materials to new heights. The project was coordinated by D-house urban laboratory, while the artefacts on display were created in collaboration with Dyloan Bond Factory, the manufacturing hub of the Pattern Group. Thermore and Olmetex also contributed to the project with fabric supplies, together with Colombo Industrie Tessili and Maglificio Alto Milanese, who supplied various types of fabrics and materials to allow the exploration of the infinite applications of Kornit technology. In the production of some garments, Framis Italia tape was used for the laminations and support areas for laser cuts, while Beppetex, a producer of cotton fabrics, supplied fabrics for the creation of the exposed shirt. Thanks to the partnership between the urban laboratory D-house and The Woolmark Company, some garments were made using wool from the Tollegno 1900 spinning mill and made by the knitwear manufacturer Progetto Maglia Firenze.

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