Consolidated revenue with a slight downturn compared to 2018, but planning and investments always ready to be launched. We look to the future with a focus on new projects and partnerships

Financial statements time for Tollegno Holding which closes 2019 with a slightly lower result than last year. Our consolidated turnover was 158 million Euros, but with an improved EBITDA value in terms of percentage compared to the previous financial year. In a complicated year like the one that has just ended, marked by strong volatility and market instability, we are, however, satisfied with the result we have achieved. The investments made in previous seasons, the choice of digitalisation as a preferred channel, the development of collaboration strategies with reliable and trusted partners, have supported and encouraged us to continue on our path, aimed at constantly improving our performance in terms of production efficiency and the quality of services for customers. We plan for the future by focusing on dependable expertise, investing in innovation and sustainability and relying on the human resources who love their work and believe in the company.

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