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In the next 3 years possible loss of turnover of 9 billion euros and risk for 70 thousand jobs if immediate action is not taken. The Italian Fashion System proposes a strategy

Based on an econometric analysis carried out by the Carlo Cattaneo University at the request of the Italian Fashion System (SMI) regarding the trend in the textile-clothing sector, the situation is not rosy. The crisis caused by the pandemic and the subsequent measures adopted by the Government have heavily impacted the sector, generating a real threat to the assets of businesses and the skills of the supply chain. It is thus estimated that, in the next 3 years, if there are no interventions, the sector could reach a loss in turnover of about 9 billion euros and the closure of about 6,500 companies with the consequent loss of 70 thousand jobs. In order to preserve and relaunch the supply chain while also having positive repercussions on manufacturing in general, SMI has thus supported the need for a solid and articulated investment policy to be activated promptly. Conceived on three operational levels and with total investments of around 8 billion euros, the strategy primarily envisages immediate emergency interventions for a value of 2 billion euros, aimed at safeguarding professionalism and facilitating restructuring processes thanks to a contribution to non-repayable fund for SMEs that have suffered a sharp decline. The second step, at 36-48 months, would involve the adoption of measures to support sustainability, creative innovation, digitization and trade fairs. With the aim of favoring the recovery of sectorial competitiveness, allocations of 4 billion euros have been assumed. Finally, long-term targeted actions would be needed for an amount of 2 billion euros in the field of promotion, training and retraining of human resources to help strengthen and complete the measures envisaged in the previous phase.

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