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Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi , creators of Shi.RT which elects the shirt as the protagonist, guide us on a journey into creativity to understand how a collection is born, the role of fabrics, yarns, and color.

In life the real challenge is never to be tired of designing, and giving footprint and substance to desires and dreams, of expressing one’s ideas or intuitions letting oneself be guided by sensitivity and talent. Émile Zola also thought this combining the poetic component with a more pragmatic vision, arguing that “the artist is nothing without talent, but talent is nothing without work”.  As if to say: talent can also be innate, but it must be cultivated and damed in order to explode in all its power.  We realized this when meeting with Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, designers in the widest sense of the term – from art directors to corporate coordinators of their brand – and “style and volume researchers” as they like to define themselves. Two creative souls who, during a search for noble and ductile yarns for the development of a knitwear collection met Tollegno 1900,  appreciating its “concrete industrial capabilities mixed with the evolutionary transformation of creativity and research.

Two components that can also be read in your latest project : Shi.RT

Shi.RT was born as a response to the rapid transformation of the market and as a proposal for a product that can undergo changing transformations and combination, the shirt, whose collections have been structured in a way to be present in the store at the most convenient time for the customer. A choice that allows to avoid stocks, now useless and dangerous, and to favor a continuity of work in the production chain, which is 100% Italian.

A   declaration of love for Italy and its genius….

This is another peculiarity of our new brand that has also and above all focused on renewed Italian craftsmanship, with a price that is definitely accessible to many. A new challenge to make Made in Italy more attractive to all types of customers.

With all due respect to a very volatile market with fast demands. What is the customer asking for now?

Everything you can fall in love immediately. Tomorrow? It doesn’t matter. What is essential is living now, the present! However, we try to imprison in our products that scent of futurism that personalizes the everyday product.

The Everyday that suffered a real tsunami in 2020, leading to a radical revision of living. Has the pandemic forced to re-study and restructure our approach also in dressing?

We don’t believe that future attitudes or choices will undergo major transformations. Of course, the problems created by the pandemic have been,  are and will be many and have determined and will determine changes in same habits and needs, but the desire for life will remain unchanged, if not even more present.   The need to take care of themselves and to participate to a common good will therefore be inevitable, both at home and outside, they will always try to be comfortable even in dressing.

Does style win over fashion ? If “the arduous sentence will go to posterity” contemporaries have the task of clarity in understanding whether the two terms are synonymous or live their own and separate lives….  

These are two complex concepts that, however, have a common denominator: personality. One does not exist without the other. Style is the hallmark of the creative genius, recognizable among a thousand thanks also to a simple detail or volume. In this direction a true “dictionary of Fashion ” should be  opened, divided into pages and pages of illustrious names who have created and built ways that today we all refer to and of which fashion is the manifestation. What we are currently witnessing is instead a different expression of  the concept of fashion, which, however interesting, arises from the desire of an object regardless of its creative value. “…. I like it… I saw it on social media …. It’s in fasion… “ but Fashion is something else.

How does a fashion collection born ? In what context does inspiration come?

Search of images from everyday life and from history. Sensations of what it can become,  that take shape in fabric, in yarn, in the tactile and chromatic perception of the material. Research of the structure, that week after week, takes shape in the models. Study of the desire and the market evolution. There are many important factors that converge in one single point:  the structure of the collection.

Let’s start then from abc: the structure and the elements that define it.

A collection has its own material concreteness. After having idealized a story or perceived its process, we proceed to give substance to the idea: we study fabrics and yarns with a precise color card, as much as possible related to the chosen theme. The volumes are studied in collaboration with the modelists. Finally, these steps of research are brought to life, creating fabric-model combinations in the skillful realization of the manufacture.

In the development of a collection and in the definition of its desirability, the fabric, as well as the yarn, are a point of value: what makes them luxury?  

Color and touch, material expressions of desire. Fine fabrics and yarns combine to create the feeling of pleasure or give a sense of security in being  yourself.

What is the role of color instead ?

The color is the business card because it instinctively activates the senses and invites to touch. If the color is the right one, it develops a desire to have this yarn or that fabric. For this reason, the right color palette is a challenge for one’s senses,  because it is capable of responding to the wishes and needs of the consumer.  The research for  images is essential to bring it to life.

When is a collection “forever”?

When it is unique in its recognizable style.

Are there garments and colors that go beyond time and should have a place in every wardrobe,  male as well as female?  

No doubts about the colors: Navy! It is aristocratic for Dna and at the same time it is practical: it is a must have.  Among the clothing not to be missed is the jacket. If perfect in terms of cut, fabric, and color it solves every problem: in elegant circumstances, as well as those of work or free time,  the perfect jacket with a t-shirt, or tie or a sweater made with splendid Italian wool knitted on 14 gauge, never smudges.   elle circostanze eleganti come in quelle di lavoro o di tempo libero la signora giacca, con t-shirt o cravatta o pull di splendida lana italiana finezza 14, non ha mai sbavature. Obviously in  Navy!



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