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With the arrival of the hot season, tricot focuses on natural fibers capable of resisting the highest temperatures. Lana Gatto's proposal speaks the language of sugar cane

How to survive peak summer temperatures? How to stem the heat and limit the side effects of the heat? Simple, dressing in clothes made from natural fibres. Therefore, tricot lovers should not be stopped and choose solutions which, due to their intrinsic characteristics, are a panacea in contact with the skin. An example of this is “Sugar” by Lana Gatto – Tollegno 1900’2 brand – which, made of 100% sugar cane, promises to give well-being and comfort to those who wear it. A one-of-a-kind product, eco-friendly by DNA and fashionable by vocation thanks to the various color palette available. “Sugar is the yarn that was missing and not only for its “nature” but for its transversality. Characteristics that make it perfect for making t-shirts to light cardigans, from tricot costumes to shirt jackets or perforated kaftans”, comments Luca Sapellani, Hand Knitting Sales Manager of Lana Gatto.



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