The basis of an excellent product are animals treated with care and a pristine habitat. The Beaufront estate is a leading the way

Have you ever heard of mulesing? It is a surgical procedure, introduced by John WH Mules and used on sheep farms, whereby part of the skin of the breech area of the animals is removed to prevent infections caused by the larvae of certain flies in merino sheep farms.

Farms that decide not to use this method are certified as producers of mulesing-free wool (NM). One such example is Beaufront, situated in the panoramic Ross Hills in Tasmania, which whom we have partnered for many years. Renowned for the quality of its environmental management, the farm has been in business for over 100 years and is famous for both its pastures, whose slow growth offers protein-packed nutrition for the sheep, and for its wool production. The farm, an example of sustainable economy, stands out for its philosophy which consists of wanting to operate in a pristine environment where the basic elements of fresh water and clean air form the premises of a top-quality product. The care and passion for the eco system are matched by respect for the animals, demonstrated in the organisation of flocks in wide-open pastures where biodiversity is protected and in the implementation of farming standards which safeguard the welfare of the sheep. Because being green is this too. In addition to banning mulesing, the team of Beaufront shearers, made up exclusively of professional shearers, guarantees that all the wool is collected according to ethical rules and that the sheep are sheared in totally stress-free conditions. What’s the result?

Happy sheep for top-quality wool.

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