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The artisan knitwear laboratory developed several garments with the iconic Tollegno 1900 yarns, and they were used to set up the company’s stand at Pitti Immagine Filati.

An artisan knitwear laboratory that makes experimentation with new processing methods and innovate solutions, MF1 is linked to Tollegno 1900 by a long-standing relationship, purchasing the yarns to create the collection of the various brands that choose them as partners. A collaboration that resulted in a common project presented at Pitti Immagine Filati in June 2022. ‚ÄúWe were immediately thrilled by the goal that was given to us, having to re-elaborate some of the iconic yarns of Tollegno 1900 creating garments that could express their potential to be exhibited in the company‚Äôs space at the Fair‚ÄĚ explain Paola Titoni and Mario Foroni, respectively shareholder and director at MF1.

What is the goal that you have set yourself in shaping this request?

Knowing that we must fully enhance the company’s emblematic yarns, we have focused on the use of different techniques and processes.  Using different fineness and experimenting with multiple technical proposal with the same yarn, we have given shape to garments that have been interpreted with a vision of enlargement to strengthen the quality and importance of the fiber.

You worked with yarn such as Harmony, in different variations, Cosy, Explorer, Wild: what is your perception in using them?

For the experiments carried out, all the yarns have proved to be very versatile and allowed us to give different aspects from the most classic, to the most current, in each realization.

What you have in common with Tollegno 1900 is not only the sensitivity for quality and an eye for research, but also the focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and experimentation, research, and craftmanship. How do all these aspects develop in your company?

We have always been sensitive to these issues, so much that we daily implement functional good practices into daily practice to follow them up.   For example, in every department of our company there is a lot of attention to avoid waste by optimizing their work tools and preferring, in purchases, eco-sustainable or recycled material. Our structure is equipped with photovoltaic panels to produce energy necessary to exclusively satisfy our daily need.

Sustainable is also the approach you can have in the growth of your resources…. 

Agreeing with this vision, we offer the possibility to many young people who have undertaken the study in our field to join our team by providing tutors who can accompany them in their professional growth, increasing their skills and technical knowledge.

From sustainability to innovation the step is short for MF1

We believe that the company must combine its craftsmanship with technology to meet specific requests and to be always contemporary. Here tradition and technology are in symbiosis.

A symbiosis that is effective in dealing with a market that has undergone shocks in recent years, also taking new directions. What do you expect in the medium and long term? 

Based on our experience and based on the visibility closely linked to our customers, we believe that today there is an important fragmentation on the needs of the various brands. In recent months, classic fibers such as 100% wool are preferred, trying to make it more and more modern and current through the research of points and with the experimentation of new washes.


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