Nuage and Icewool among the products presented during the workshop “Fluid /w 22.23 - Prèsentation des fils italiens” organized by Feel the Yarn.

After New York, the Tollegno 1900 yarn collection for autumn/winter 2022-23 arrives in Paris, presented during the workshop “Fluid a / w 22.23 – Prèsentation des fils italiens” (8/9 September, Les Salons Hoche) , organized by Feel the Yarn. “For several years – explains the company – we have been participating in the Paris workshop with very positive feedback, because it offers the opportunity to show the products of our collection to all those mainly European buyers who have not had the opportunity to take part in Pitti Immagine Filati. In this year of recovery, thanks to the still rather limited movements of our international customers, our presence is even more important”. This importance is also encoded in the desire to put the lens on some of the new  products  “made in” Tollegno 1900 for the next cold season, such as “Nuage” – a brushed pile yarn that betrays its airy essence right from the name. Cloud in name and in fact – and “Icewool”, thin crêpe in extrafine wool, dry and firm to the touch, ideal for light garments in essence but already structured in appearance.

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