After ‘Lupi di Luce’ (Wolves of Light), a new installation by the artistic movement animates the company’s Sala Luce (Light Hall). The artwork will be available for visits from 3 June to 23 July 2021

Time for art in the company: after the success of the Lupi di Luce (Wolves of Light) installation, the partnership between Tollegno 1900 and Cracking Art continues. For the first time in its history, the artistic movement founded in the Biella area creates an artwork that does not depict animals, but draws inspiration from the plant world. Entitled La natura che non c’era (The nature that was not there), the large installation will be available for visits from 3 June to 23 July 2021 in the spaces of the Sala Luce (Light Hall).

The artwork is a site-specific installation composed of more than 400 white floral elements made of regenerated plastic that extends into the large room flooded with light in which a central element stands two and a half meters high and one meter and a half in diameter. Each flower that makes up the installation is a unique piece, with its own aesthetic and meaningful potential. The material does not enter the moulds but is modelled by hand, transforming a typically ‘repetitive’ material – plastic – into a malleable element, always different, never the same. ‘The lack of seriality, a motif in our production,’ said Cracking Art, ‘is here conceived as the sign of a new nature created by man that is reborn in a different form, that takes back its specificities and its spaces, luxuriant and full of life, abandoning the homogeneity in which man tries to force it. The term nature is commonly associated with something primordial, powerful, boundless, but at the same time it evokes darker scenarios linked to exploitation, submission, control.’ La natura che non c’era evokes the need for reconciliation between human beings and what they themselves create, imagine, think, produce. A locus amoenus where the visitors are invited to identify themselves to become part of the installation, reflecting on the indomitable tendency of nature, even if modified, to reorganize itself and tend to the creation of life.

The cornerstone of the artwork is the recovery and transformation of plastic material with the aim of investigating the relationship between nature and technology, uniqueness and serial production, individuality and stereotype, questioning the current and future condition of the human being with respect to the concept of sustainability. Through the use of plastic, regenerable or regenerated material, Cracking Art creates artworks and installations that imagine the possible conditions of the future.

‘The partnership with Cracking Art,’ said Lincoln Germanetti, CEO of Tollegno 1900, ‘was born in the name of sharing values ​​linked to strong social and environmental commitment, which distinguish both companies, also united by the common Biellese origin and passion for art. With this collaboration we are embracing a project of hybridization of the languages ​​of art and business, laying the foundations for a new cultural approach that aims to bring the public closer to environmental issues through new interpretations stemming from art.’

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