The Tollegno 1900 collection focuses on the "nature" factor, making wool its main interpreter and ambassador of a philosophy that goes beyond ... the yarn

Wool and nature are inextricably linked. It’s not just about DNA but also contamination, emotion and evocation.

There is nothing quite like woollen clothing when it comes to warmth, cosiness, skin-pleasing softness and a sense of protection. There is nothing quite like walking barefoot over a carpet woven from this fibre and the memories it stirs of the soft, placid feel of spongy grass urging you to lie down and rest. There is nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a warm and reassuring wool plaid to feel a sense of tranquillity, shelter and safety: be it winter or summer, wool protects against the cold but also the heat, caressing the body, defending it against the frost and shielding it from the sun, embracing it without ever constricting it.

Because wool is not just wool. It might be because of its innate thermoregulating qualities that protect against temperature fluctuations. Or perhaps the composition of fibres that, thanks to the tiny overlapping scales, form a barrier not only against the weather but also against mites and bacteria, thus keeping irritation and itching at bay. Or it could be its ability to trap air, thus perfectly insulating and comforting the body. Or maybe, because it’s so perfect as to be immune to the passage of time. Time during which it forges a valuable bond thanks to its ability to remain unchanged and unaffected by the passing years.

Bringing the past and present together, wool thus becomes a voyage through memory and childhood recollections, an immersion into the peacefulness of nature, a vision of the world where balance reigns, an invitation to make space and time for rest. But it is also a means of interpreting and approaching life that is respectful of the environment, sensitive to the needs of its inhabitants, be they people or animals, pure in its essence and committed to promoting a concept of well-being that transcends materiality and speaks of harmony between the inside and out.

And it is wool, and its way of being, that inspires Tollegno 1900 to create and display yarns that are its full embodiment. At Pitti Immagini Filati 94, the brand presents its soul through a “nature” exhibit in which raw and vital elements alternate to create an immersive experience filled with emotion and sensory stimulation.


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