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Sustainability and innovation travel in parallel in this process, which is among the main strengths of our 4.0 project, which involves top yarns such as Harmony and New Royal

Performance, innovation, and attention to the environment are cornerstones of our philosophy and our approach to work. This is also confirmed by some of the treatments that, fruit of our research and development division, contribute to improving the characteristics of some of our yarns. An example of this is Eco Idro, which, together with 3 other features (High Twist, Compact, and Total Easy Care), helps to qualify our 4.0 project applied to products with significant performance value such as Harmony 4.0 and New Royal 4.0. But what is the benefit of this treatment? Applicable on the yarn in the dyeing phase or on the raw material still to be spun, it gives the products hydrophobic properties without using fluorine technology, which is completely eliminated from the polymer. More than 50% of the chemistry used for the production of the product derives from organic materials. A further step forward is then the Teflon variant, which, in addition to water repellency, gives the garment oleophobicity.

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