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With “Sheep to shop”, a tailoring service is promoted which allows the history of your garment to be verified from the sheep to the finished product

From the sheep whose fleece is sheared to the sweater in your wardrobe: a journey that we want to follow every step of the way to provide a clear idea of what lies behind each garment.

With this purpose in mind, we have been the pioneers behind the “Sheep to shop” movement; an innovative project which reinforces the partnership between the customer and the company, making the entire production process traceable and certified, starting from the sheep farm.

A service that turns customisation into one of its strong points by offering the customer the possibility of visiting selected sheep farms. Our partner in this initiative is the Beaufront estate in Tasmania, renowned for the quality of its environmental management, aimed at promoting biodiversity and for the care that it takes over the animals’ welfare.

To ensure that the wool is collected according to the ethical codes which guarantee the treatment of the sheep in stress-free spaces and conditions, not only are professional shearers employed but mulesing is also banned.

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