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A 100% natural yarn that protects you even from UVA rays is one of the must-have products of the Lana Gatto summer collection

Its name is Sugar and sweetness does not only describe its label but also its nature. The summer yarn by Lana Gatto is indeed obtained from molasses extracted from sugar cane characterized by thin and silky ‘filaments’ in the shape of a spider web. A peculiarity that, combined with scrupulous attention during the spinning process, gives life to a yarn with a silky hand, ideal for soft and visually bright garments. But what makes this 100% natural product unique are also other peculiarities, like the ability of this fibre to shield from UVA rays. So, not only is it sustainable, but also a panacea for the well-being of those who use it for their outfits. ‘Nature is an incredible source to draw from to develop yarns that are not only green, but that also have numerous other added values ​​both in terms of functionality and pleasantness to wear. “Sugar” is a clear example of this that the public has immediately shown to appreciate so much that it has become one of our staples,’ explained Lana Gatto, whose eco-friendly vocation goes hand in hand with that of Tollegno 1900.

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