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At Pitti Filati 93 the brand interpreted the iconic yarns of Tollegno 1900 to create garments that represented a lifestyle of excellence and comfort

There are many traits that Tollegno1900 have in common with ¬†ALESSANDROSIMONI, a brand that, using a production process entirely Made in Italy and focusing on fine yarns, makes luxury knitwear its passion. To bring the two Piedmontese realities closer is not only the historicity ‚Äď if Tollegno 1900 has its roots at the beginning of the twentieth century, ALESSANDROSIMONI collects the legacy of the artisan workshop born in the 50s for a smart intuition ¬†of his grandfather, inspired by his grandmother apprentice knitter, ed. ‚Äď but a common philosophy, which makes innovation, craftsmanship, research and boundless passion for quality yarns as its cornerstone. ¬†A shared vision in the name of being Italians that, on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Filati 93, resulted in a common project in the name of wool. ¬†With the collaboration of partners who embraced its vision, Tollegno 1900 has in fact used some of its iconic yarns, such as Harmony, Harmony 4.0, Nuage, Soulful and Agreable, to create accessories for interior design (upholstery for sofas and lamps, but also carpets, curtains, cushions) and for garments interpreting a refined and precious homestyle. Among these, a leading role was played by ALESSANDROSIMONI, linked to the Biella company as confirmed by the creative director himself, by a long-standing relationship.

Alessandro, what binds you to Tollegno 1900?

Besides being an important supplier for several years, Tollegno 1900 represents a mirror for values and modus operandi that places the customer at the centre, tradition and craftsmanship and innovation and experimentation, declined in constant investments in avant-garde technologies, as bases for development. Like us the Biellese company, despite having solid roots in the past, is tenaciously projected into the future.

It was precisely in this perspective that the collaboration for Pitti was born….

Collaboration that, in addition to having represented a natural evolution of an existing relationship, has led to embark on a new path and to achieve new objectives in which people always play a key role.

Tollegno 1900 makes ¬†‚Äúpeople at the centre‚ÄĚ its mantra, aware that resources represent the company‚Äôs first asset‚Ķ

An approach more than shared by my company too. Behind every ALESSANDROSIMONI garment there is in fact a team that works every day with the aim of creating an excellent product for its customer: each phase of the processing is ‚Äúcontaminated‚ÄĚ by the passion for the product that you breathe in the company starting from the choice of raw material to the final presentation, passing through the design and the actual craftsmanship, carried out with sartorial care.

Tailoring that can also be read in the creations exhibited at the Tollegno 1900 stand at Pitti Filati. What is your assessment in terms of the quality of the yarn used in their processing ?

The yarns we used are the essence of the quality and historicity of performing wools that every designer should use and know. Many of their merits such as allowing us to create very interesting color effect and, above all, to create 100% recyclable products. Last but not least, the knitting stitches made with these yarns, being very light and three-dimensional, give a modern and actual look to the fabrics we made.

Having already used Tollegno 1900 yarns and having understood their characteristics, for which products do you think they could be a valid solution?

We use these beautiful wools for many of our products, from carryover and seasonless garments to all possible applications in the field of interior design and, why not, also for the outdoors.


After the partnership signed with Tollegno 1900, are you working on other ‚Äú4 hands‚ÄĚ projects?

Developing shared initiatives in which everyone expresses their expertise is part of our mentality and our willingness to experiment. After this first collaboration we hope we can open other paths that see us side by side, perhaps to give even more lustre to our territory, rich in history and tradition.


A goal that you carry with you since the beginning …..

I always remain a boy who grew up in the midst of a dream, who has always breathed the air of the manufacture and all that infinite galaxy of crafts that make it up and make great Italian craftsmanship and ‚ÄúMade in Italy‚ÄĚ envied by the whole world. I have always chosen, and continue to do so, to bet, as my grandparents did, on an act of love. That act that has been handed down for more than half a century with the will and the imperative to restore dignity to our territory.


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