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On the occasion of Pitti Filati 93, the brand owned by Alberto Rossi took part in the Tollegno 1900 "Blanket Dressing"’s project, creating some plaids with Harmony yarn

A partnership in the name of “beautiful and well done” that linked Tollegno 1900 at Pitti Immagine Filati 93 to Artigiani del Cashmere, a company founded in 2014 and specialized in the production of throws and blankets in 100% cashmere. A partnership that resulted in the creation of a series of products designed to give shape to the “Blanket Dressing” project that enlivened the stand of the Biellese brand during the Florentine Fair last June. “A collaboration that developed almost by chance – explains Alberto Rossi, owner and founder of Artigiani del cashmere who, born in Biella, has known Tollegno 1900 since immemorial time having always worked in the textile sector – due to a happy intuition of the company to use the wool, and more, for accessories intended for interior design. These products were then used to set up the brand’s exhibition space at Pitti, creating an extremely attractive lifestyle context thanks also to the quality of the yarns used”.

Are you referring specifically to Harmony with which you made plaids? What is your evaluation of the yarn in terms of quality and workmanship?

First of all, Harmony is a transversal and extremely versatile yarn because it can find innumerable applications that go beyond knitwear. For example, it can be used successfully in weaving to shape plaids, blankets, scarves, but also garments such as ponchos.

And in the interigor… having already used it and having understood its characteristics, for which other products dedicated to furnishing accessories do you think it could be a valid solution?

Although we mainly use Cashmere for our productions, I would like to use Harmony mixed with cashmere to produce indoor carpets. These would be complements that would fully express our philosophy, shared with Tollegno 1900, which can be summarized in the acronym BeB: “beautiful and well made”.

Has the collaboration with Tollegno 1900 paved the way for new paths? Are you working on other “4 hands” projects?

We are actually working on an important partnership that we will only unveil during the January 2024 edition of Maison & Objet.

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