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On the occasion of Pitti Filati 93 they supplied the light points reinterpreted in a wool key which contributed to the setting up of a "home" space in the Tollegno 1900 stand.

Strong artistic sensitivity combined with solid know-how in the design field: starting from these premises Tollegno 1900 has focused on In-es. artdesign to give life to the “Blancket Dressing” project which, presented at Pitti Filati 93, saw the brand’s yarns – Harmony and Harmony 4.0 first and foremost – interpret some furnishing solutions. The company, which has been producing lighting since 2003, has embraced the initiative of the Biella brand by making available some of its products capable of blending functionality with symbolism, evocative of “natural or existential phenomena, such as the waxing and waning of the moon or the passing of time”. The name itself – In-es – is a representation of this feeling, as explained by the designer Luciano Maria Mazzilli – Oçilunam – and Amalia Corda, Sales Manager.

“The name In-es.artdesign – they explain – has a double meaning: “in” stands for interior, while “es” for exterior and also recalls the play of opposites of shadow and light that blend into a unicum to give life to lamps for indoor and outdoor. The chosen naming, however, is also linked to the idea of the external world of aesthetics and beauty compared to the much more intimate, instinctive and primitive world of Freudian identity (Es)”. A dreamlike and holistic vision which also seems to be inspiring for the design of the lamps which “are born by chance in the true Dadaist sense of the word. A case which, with its divine imperfections, also takes into account the corrosive and smoothing intervention of time and of his passage”.

Starting from these premises, the partnership between Tollegno 1900 and In.es.artdesign was born. What did you create for the installation at Pitti Filati?

We have supplied 4 “Flower Stripe” model suspensions and a “Mezza Luna Piantana” model floor lamp, made in our exclusive “Nebulite” material, a special mix of resin and fibre, covered with a knitted hood specially made to measure with artisan workmanship by Maglificio Franca in collaboration with Tollegno 1900.

Of great impact, it was above all Mezza Luna Piantana that attracted the attention of visitors to the Tollegno 1900 exhibition space.

Si tratta di una lampada da terra che trae ispirazione dalla luna, con un design che racchiude sfumature e sensazioni romantiche. La Nebulite®, materiale con il quale è realizzata insieme al filato, la trasforma in un catalizzatore di luce materica e morbida.

Un effetto frutto anche dell’uso del filato..

Il filato che è stato utilizzato per la realizzazione del cappuccio è di eccellente qualità e con delle caratteristiche intrinseche che lo rendono molto adatto per l’interior. Harmony e Harmony 4.0, proprio per tutte le loro features si prestano a molteplici realizzazioni che vanno ben oltre gli outfit da indossare. Un ulteriore valore aggiunto per la resa finale lo ha rappresentato la componente artigianale della lavorazione. Un made in Italy a 360°.

Alla luce proprio delle caratteristiche del filato usato, in quali altri contesti pensate si possa usare?

Crediamo che possa essere un valido supporto per la realizzazione di arredi come divani, sedie, tavoli e poltrone, oltre che per complementi come lampade, ma anche tappeti e cuscini. La trasversalità di Harmony e Harmony 4.0 è tale da renderli impiegabili in diverse direzioni.

Dopo la partnership con Tollegno 1900, state lavorando ad altri progetti a “4 mani”?

Si, recentemente abbiamo realizzato dei copricavo con tessuti africani wax in collaborazione con l’azienda eco-sostenibile Coloriage, e dei pezzi unici dipinti a mano in collaborazione con Artisti internazionali.

It is a floor lamp that draws inspiration from the moon, with a design that contains romantic nuances and sensations. Nebulite®, the material with which it is made together with the yarn, transforms it into a catalyst of material and soft light.

An effect also resulting from the use of yarn..

The yarn that was used to create the hood is of excellent quality and with intrinsic characteristics that make it very suitable for interiors. Harmony and Harmony 4.0, precisely because of all their features, lend themselves to multiple creations that go far beyond the outfits to wear. A further added value for the final result was the artisanal component of the processing. A 360° made in Italy.

In light of the characteristics of the yarn used, in what other contexts do you think it could be used?

We believe that it can be a valid support for the creation of furnishings such as sofas, chairs, tables and armchairs, as well as for accessories such as lamps, but also carpets and cushions. The transversality of Harmony and Harmony 4.0 is such that they can be used in different directions.

After the partnership with Tollegno 1900, are you working on other “4 hands” projects?

Yes, we recently created cable covers with African wax fabrics in collaboration with the eco-sustainable company Coloriage, and unique hand-painted pieces in collaboration with international artists.



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