Tollegno 1900 provided the wool for the project resulting from the partnership between the D-house urban laboratory, The Woolmark Company and the SMT knitwear factory and signed by Marco Rambaldi. The designer used Swarovski crystals on knitwear, for the first time with settings made in 3D.

Born from the collaboration between various players – D-house urban laboratory, The Woolmark Company, Tollegno 1900 and the SMT knitwear factory in Correggio – and from the “genius” of Marco Rambaldi, the “Post romantic resonances” project combines fashion, creativity, new technologies and craftsmanship. On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Filati, the knitted garments designed by the Bolognese designer, known for his textile and material experiments, were exhibited in the urban laboratory stand. The three outfits drew inspiration from the history of Italian cinema and were proposed in a revisited way. Decorations and processes that recall Italian handmade and craftsmanship were imprinted on the shirt with Stratasys 3D printing, while thanks to the application of Swarovski crystals supported by settings also made through 3D printing, Marco Rambaldi’s romantic style was recalled crossed by contemporary and innovative vibrations. For the first time, the innovative 3D printed bezel was applied directly on the shirt thanks to the Polyjet technology of Stratasys, an Israeli company which is a world leader in 3D printing. Each bezel, made with a transparent photopolymerizing resin, perfectly hosted each crystal with its own specific geometry for a final effect where design and technology represented two souls of the same project. A project which had, among its various merits, that of “combining the most classic fibers with the excellence of creativity, which takes shape through technology”. “Innovation, experimentation, creativity, design have always been cornerstones for our development, in which collaborations capable of generating value also play a fundamental role. This project has gone in this direction, opening new perspectives to the world of knitwear”, Tollegno 1900 says. “The project, presented at Pitti, and realized in collaboration with designer Marco Rambaldi is an example of how technology is supporting creativity in fashion also in a functional key,” explains Loreto Di Rienzo Cofounder Dyloan Bond Factory and Technology Ambassador of Pattern Group, “thanks to direct 3D printing on fabric by Stratasys the impossible becomes possible, perfect execution, unprecedented final effect, exclusivity, are fundamental elements for luxury brands and manufacturing companies like ours.”

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