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Sustainability and eco attitude interpret the proposal for the warm season which makes 4 yarns in RWS Extrafine Merino Wool in purity or in blends as its protagonists.

Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is a question of style, which must be consistent with the company’s feeling and harmonious with its identity.

In this context, was born ECOllection, the culmination of a path of awareness but above all a springboard towards new developments. Green, innovative, transversal and creative, ECOllection is available in 4 yarns of RWS Extrafine Merino Wool (“Biolino”, “Flaxi”, “Icewool RWS” and “Woolcot Bio”) collected in an ECObook. Vademecum to be used as inspiration, in the Book each yarn is outlined in its characteristics, flanked by a stylistic focus, a selection of stitches with the relative explanation and the color palette that concerns it. To complete this handbook, simple in its consultation and captivating for its graphic choices, there is finally a section dedicated to certifications, which has always been a strong point for our company.

To complement the next hot season collection are a series of yarns that, already presented last winter, are now offered in their lighter version: Agreable 2/80, Harmony 4.0 J, New Royal 4.0 J and Nuage. Extreme care was also given to the color palette which, mainly focusing on natural shades (white, sand, rope, earth and stone green), also chooses impacting nuances mediated by the previous season (orange, red, golden yellow and sun, lavender) or totally new (deep blue, full pink tranquil blue, lemon yellow and compact green).

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